Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson

U.S. Army Ranger / Green Beret

Dan Henderson is a retired US Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) with over 20 years on active duty and numerous combat deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and operations in multiple locations throughout Asia.  Throughout his career he attended multiple military schools to include Ranger School, Sniper School, Military Free-Fall school and numerous others.  Dan attended the Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification Course (CDQC) in Key West and was assigned a Combat Dive Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA).  While assigned to the ODA he dove in every environment possible throughout Asia and the US.  His last assignment on active duty was at his units Divers Life Support Maintenance Facility instructing the units Pre-Scuba, physically and mentally preparing unit members for CDQC, and assisting dive teams in training and operations.

Dan became a NAUI Instructor and before he retired and began teaching recreational diving in his down time. In September of 2021 he opened his own dive facility in Washington State, Ranger Sport Scuba.  Dan working with other Combat Divers, has a unique approach to training that has taken off in the Pacific Northwest.  He also works with other non-profit’s teaching disabled veterans scuba diving.  One of his top priorities is giving back to veterans and their families.

He is now a NAUI Course Director and the Lead Scuba Instructor at the Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle Washington where he instructs future commercial divers. 

Dan has been married to his wife Sarah since 2003, they coach CrossFit together in their downtime.  They have one child, Daniel who is an Advanced Open Water diver.