FORCE BLUE is neither a weekend therapy retreat, nor a recreational dive club.

Veteran Recruiting

FORCE BLUE is a mission-focused program that strives to positively affect not only its members, but the world at large. FORCE BLUE veterans, therefore, are recruited as much for their commitment, as they are for their diving acumen. 

In addition to making themselves available for all FORCE BLUE dive operations, FORCE BLUE team members must be willing to continue their training and to assist in the training of new recruits. They must agree to participate in counseling, to engage in FORCE BLUE’s public relations and community outreach efforts and to advocate on behalf of marine conservation and veterans’ issues. 

Part of an elite team

The reward, for some, will be employment within the organization. For others, mission pay on each deployment. For all, it is the esprit de corps that comes from, once again, being part of an elite TEAM.

The criteria

To be considered for inclusion in FORCE BLUE, all veteran candidates must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Individual is a military-trained diver
  • Individual is no longer on active duty
  • Individual was part of a Special Operations unit during his/her time in the military
  • Individual took part in at least one combat deployment

Those who feel they meet this criteria and are interested in applying should email our Director of Diving Operations, Angelo Fiore.


Working with Dr. Carrie Elk of the Elk Institute for Psychological Health & Performance, FORCE BLUE provides two days of PTSD counseling for all new recruits as part of each recruitment and training exercise.

These sessions are followed by a mandatory five-day retreat with Dr. Elk within 3 months of joining FORCE BLUE to ensure each new recruit is indeed mission ready. Dr. Elk caters exclusively to the Special Operations community and is renowned for her ability to help combat veterans re-file their fragmented memories in such a way as to prevent PTSD triggers from occurring.