Make a Donation, Get Gear!

It’s our way of saying thank you for believing in us and welcome aboard!

Now, for a limited time only, when you make a donation in support of FORCE BLUE, we’ll send you a signature FORCE BLUE™ gift – straight from our Special Operations dive locker.  This is the same apparel and equipment our FORCE BLUE veterans wear when they deploy.


For any donation up to $25, we’ll send you a FORCE BLUE™ “One team. One fight.” rubber wrIstband.



Donate between $50 and $75, and we’ll send you a signature FORCE BLUE™ “A mission to preserve and restore” adjustable cap.



Make a donation of $100 – $200, and you’ll receive a signature FORCE BLUE™ “Buoyancy. Belonging. Betterment.” team hoodie.


Skeleton Optics

Donate $250 – $300 and choose one from over a dozen different styles (men’s and women’s) of Skeleton Optics FORCE BLUE™ sunglasses. 


FORCE BLUE Team dive watch

Deep Blue Dive Watch

Make a donation of $500+ and we’ll send you a signature Deep Blue FORCE BLUE™ Team dive watch.


“HEROES” Package

Donate $2500 or more, and we’ll send you our “HEROES” Package with a cap, hoodie, dive watch, limited-edition FORCE BLUE™ Hurricane Response t-shirt and challenge coin.