Based on our successful intervention in Southern Florida, NOAA requested that FORCE BLUE deploy to Puerto Rico and provide similar response services in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria Response

(Fall 2017 / Winter 2018)

FORCE BLUE deployed to Puerto Rico in November 2017 to assist with emergency coral reef recovery and restoration efforts and provided critical triage, assessment and emergency restoration to hurricane-damaged reefs.


Operating under the leadership of NOAA, our primary partner, and in coordination with local partners at the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources and the US Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources, FORCE BLUE deployed 3 of its team divers for a combined total of 50 work days.

Reef recovery

FORCE BLUE, with grant monies provided by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, specifically conducted restoration at 8 priority sites and reattached approximately 1600 corals, including approximately 1000 at risk corals.

FORCE BLUE returned to Puerto Rico alongside its newest partner, The Ocean Conservancy, in March 2018 to continue its critical reef recovery and restoration efforts.   


Force Blue in Action

During this 10-day deployment, six (6) FORCE BLUE divers cached and reattached over 4,200 at risk corals at 7 unique coral reef sites.