FORCE BLUE Completes Looe Key Effort

This Easter Sunday, it was cause for applause for FORCE BLUE and its partners, Nova Southeastern University and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, as together the team finished its coral disease intervention work off Looe Key.

With 9 days left of the team’s 50-dive-day mission to interdict the spread of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease throughout the Florida Keys, FORCE BLUE divers have treated close to 5,000 lesions on over 800 coral heads.

Best of all, monitoring has shown a 75% success rate in stopping the spread of this incredibly virulent, fast-moving and devastating disease.

Kudos to all those who’ve supported (and continue to support) Project Protect, FORCE BLUE’s ongoing operation to rescue, preserve and restore the Florida Coral Reef Tract.

One team. One fight.