Force Blue Launches “15 For 50”, a Plan to Deploy in All 15 U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary System, the Special Operations veterans of FORCE BLUE — working with our nation’s top scientists and environmentalists — will be launching a 5-year effort to conduct community conservation missions in and around each of the country’s fifteen (15) National Marine Sanctuaries.

These missions, which are slated to begin with a seagrass planting and monitoring operation in the Mallows Bay-Patomac River NMS in September 2022, will include local volunteers, civic leaders and corporate partners in projects like: marine debris removal, coral disease mitigation, kelp reforestation, wreck mapping and more.

Every mission will also include an educational component, designed to instill pride and inspire action in the next generation of citizen scientists and marine conservationists.

The goal is simple. Open eyes, ears and minds to the beauty — and fragility — of these national treasures while, at the same time, positively contributing to their preservation.


  • Mallows Bay – Potomac River
  • Olympic Coast
  • Greater Farallones
  • Cordell Bay
  • Monterey Bay
  • Channel Islands
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • American Samoa
  • Flower Garden Banks
  • Florida Keys
  • Gray’s Reef
  • Monitor
  • Stellwagen Bank
  • Thunder Bay
  • Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast

What are Marine sanctuaries?

Nearly 50 years ago, the U.S. ushered in a new era of ocean conservation by creating the National Marine Sanctuary System. Since then, that system has grown into a nationwide network of fifteen (15) national marine sanctuaries and two marine national monuments that conserve more than 620,000 square miles of spectacular ocean and Great Lakes waters.

National marine sanctuaries support coastal communities and drive local economies by providing jobs and opportunities for people to discover, recreate, and form life-long connections with these spectacular places.

Sanctuaries connect people and communities through science, education, recreation, and stewardship. We rely on these networks to inspire community-based solutions that help us understand and protect our nation’s most spectacular habitats, marine life, archaeological wonders, and cultural seascapes.

A Blue Story

Utilizing Force Blue’s Unique Construct and Powerful Partnerships to Inspire Action

Following the success of 100 Yards of Hope, a two-year coral reef restoration project that spanned Super Bowls LIV (Miami) and Super Bowl LV (Tampa) and produced both a documentary film and several million dollars in earned media, FORCE BLUE plans to send a production crew to chronicle every aspect of Fifteen For 50: A Mission to Save Spectacular.

In addition to generating content that can be used by the mission’s scientific partners and sponsors in their own marketing/PR efforts, the goal will be to create a feature-length documentary film that highlights the importance of our National Marine Sanctuaries and underscores the corrective behaviors that must be taken to ensure their survival.