FORCE BLUE Needs You! To Keep Florida Beautiful

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As part of Project Protect, our multi-year mission to help preserve and restore the marine resources and coastal habitats of Florida, FORCE BLUE special operations veterans and staff are teaming up with Keep Florida Beautiful in a campaign to remind Floridians that the natural beauty of Florida extends beyond the waterline — and that preserving and restoring this beauty is the responsibility of each and every individual who calls Florida home.

FORCE BLUE is partnering with Keep Florida Beautiful to recruit a new generation of volunteers and environmental advocates to join in the fight to save Florida’s Coral Reef, a vitally important, critically threatened national treasure that could, if preventative steps aren’t taken, disappear in our lifetime.

FORCE BLUE and Keep Florida Beautiful would like to remind you that you CAN make a difference and help to prevent negative impacts on Florida’s vital ecosystems by creating less waste, putting trash in its place and recycling whenever you can.

Now through January 2021, when you donate to support FORCE BLUE, your tax-deductible contributions will go directly to fund these efforts.

To learn more about Keep Florida Beautiful and how you can volunteer for local events and projects in your area, visit the Keep Florida Beautiful website.

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