FORCE BLUE Deploys Special Forces Veterans to Save Coral Reefs

By Jo Walters, PADI

FORCE BLUE is a nonprofit organization that provides a new mission for former combat divers and Special Operation Force (SOF) veterans: healing endangered coral reefs. Its three co-founders, Chief Executive Director Jim Ritterhoff, Director Keith Sahm of PADI® Five Star IDC Sunset House in Grand Cayman and Director and former combat diver and Recon Marine veteran Rudy Reyes – who is also an author, actor, model and fitness expert, explain its inception and its purpose below – and talk about how you can help.

FORCE BLUE is a nonprofit organization that unites the community of Special Operations Force (SOF) Veterans with the world of coral reef conservation. “Many SOF veterans return from military service with profoundly wounded spirits – suffering from depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), hyper-vigilance and feelings of emptiness,” explains Jim Ritterhoff. “Our organization gives participating veterans a new mission – and an opportunity to adapt their training and teamwork to help the planet by restoring and preserving endangered coral reefs.”

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